Bear Glass is the 4th generation family business specializing in Soundproof Glass. There are a number of different ways to make glass Soundproof Glass. The first involves simply making the glass thicker. The thicker the glass is, the stiffer it becomes and, as a natural consequence, less prone to vibration. In such cases, sound is naturally reduced. Another option is to insulate the glass with some other material, or perhaps just put an empty area in between two panes of glass.

A common material used in Soundproof Glass is some sort of lamination. A thin piece of plastic is often placed between two panes of glass, thus cutting down significantly on the amount of sound that gets through. As an added benefit, this Soundproof Glass also is extremely difficult to break, which provides some security improvements and is even used to meet hurricane building standards in areas prone to the storms. Using this method of Soundproofing Glass also helps keep the thickness to a more reasonable level. Bear Glass has the expertise, the largest inventory of glass sheets, and the in-house lamination fabricator to customize your Soundproof Glass to your specifications.

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